Women Filmmakers are Making a Splash

Blazing Trails and Building Cultural Bridges

Yesterday: aired on CBC Radio’s Trailbreakers www.cbc.ca/trailbreakers/ the story of award winning aboriginal producer, journalist and storyteller extraordinaire Lisa Meeches of Eagle Vision Inc. currently filming a feature production called We Were Children [http://www.onf-nfb.gc.ca/eng/press-room/index.php?id=20272] about Residential School Children in Canada.

Lisa’s words about her courageous career path, and the challenges she faced balancing and integrating her cultural past, as well as her family’s expectations, provide food for thought for all storytellers, regardless of their cultural background. Check out www.eaglevision.ca/bios.html for more on the company and their project. Inspirational!

Up and Coming Aboriginal Filmmaker wins accolades at Toronto Film Festival

Emily Carr College of Art + Design student Ippiksaut Friesen made waves with her project, the animated The Dimming, based on a tragic Inuit folk tale of the creation of the sun and the moon.


For other Female Filmmakers making headlines at the TIFF, read this link:


Vancouver Women in Film Festival Films on Aboriginal Subjects to Watch

Screening at the 2012 Vancouver Women in Film Festival


2011, Canada, directed by Kulchera Matson

Under the guise of a traditional Mexican folk dance, a border town cowboy is secretly robbed of his treasure.

BLOODLAND | 4:10 mins

2011, Canada, directed by Elle-Maija Tailfeathers

Bloodland is a social statement on the irreversible and detrimental impact of gas and oil exploration on our planet; and in particular the impact that hydraulic fracturing or ‘fracking’ will have on Kainaiwa, or the Blood Reserve in Canada. This film was shot with a completely Indigenous cast and crew.

PARKDALE | 14:45 mins

2011, Canada, directed by Lisa JacksonScreening at the 2012 Vancouver Women in Film Fesival

Over the course of a night, two sisters roam the inner-city streets of their neighbourhood as they try to escape another stint in the foster care system.

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