Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival this weekend

I Wish I Could Be There!

If the trailer images are any indication, this festival promises to showcase the most gorgeous scenery and astonishing feats of athleticism on rocks, trails, fields and waves by extreme athletes and adventurer addicts that will take your breath away, and if you’re like me, perhaps wonder why?

The program includes a long and impressive lineup of guest speakers, including adventurer and author Margot Talbot, who will address the question: Why do certain people thrive on risk, while others remain content surfing channels on their flat screen TV?

The massive program includes film showings highlighting whitewater kayaking, mountain bike expeditions through familiar and exotic landscapes, breathtaking, death-defying mountain climbing, alpine skiing, hang-gliding, trail running and other sports I’ve never even heard of such as free-flying (click here to find out).

Follow the path of a proposed oil pipeline in On the Line, set off on an epic 10,000km journey from Mongolia to Hungary by Horse in On The Trail of Genghis Khan, or travel through India on a personal pilgrimage, piecing together the extraordinary journey of Broken Tail – one of the planet’s most famous wild tigers. Learn about the intriguing Canadian Avalanche Rescue Cat Association (C.A.R.C.A) chronicling one man’s quest to revolutionize the world of animal avalanche rescue. Travel around the world and share the athletic, artistic, cultural and spiritual quests of some amazing adventurers and filmmakers.

photo eagle over snowy mountaintop

Mountain Flora/Fauna 1.) Alexandre Buisse: As High As Birds Can Fly

Since 1998, VIMFF has evolved from a three-day event at one venue with an audience of 1,700 to a 9-day event in North Vancouver and Vancouver in 3 to 4 venues with live presentations, films, photography, live music, and international film and photo competitions. Additionally, VIMFF now travels to about 30 communities with the Best of the Fest Tour, and runs additional shows at the Fall Speaker Series in North Vancouver. The combined Festival events now attract more than 20,000 viewers each year in North Vancouver, Greater Vancouver and the rest of Canada. VIMFF is unique to North Vancouver, British Columbia and Canada, with the Banff Mountain Film Festival being the only other festival in Canada comparable in size and reputation.

VIMFF’s current role is to inspire and entertain the community with the use of unique films and presentations that illustrate experiences and cultures from all corners of the globe, to bring international and local filmmakers and photographers together with international competitions, to promote positive life values and an active lifestyle, and to bring various communities together in North Vancouver. VIMFF is aligned with the philosophy of the North Vancouver municipalities to promote locally and internationally the natural beauty of North Vancouver and its status as one of the best places to visit and live, a place where nature and culture meet.

Tickets for all shows are $18 in advance and $20 at the door. Multi-show passes are available for $32 for 2 shows, $45 for 3 shows, $65 for 5 shows. You can register to buy tickets online, or you can buy tickets in advance at the Centennial Theatre box office in person (2300 Lonsdale Avenue, North Vancouver) or by phone at 604-984-4484.

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