Berlin Film Festival

On Now Until February 19th, 2012, the Internationale Filmfestspiele Berlin.

Another of my personal idols from the silver screen, Meryl Streep will be honored at this year’s Berlinale. The program states:

Meryl Streep

“2012 the Homage is dedicated to American actress and Oscar-winner Meryl Streep. On February 14, 2012, she will be awarded the Honorary Golden Bear for Lifetime Achievement at a screening of her latest work The Iron Lady at the Berlinale Palast in Berlin.

Meryl Streep has appeared in over 40 films and is looked upon as one of the world’s most talented and popular actresses. She has received countless awards and nominations as an artist, including an unprecedented 16 nominations for the Oscar (two of these coveted prizes which she won) and 18 Golden Globe nominations and seven wins.” Seven of her films will be screened at the festival, including her latest.

A healthy showing of Canadian filmmakers are included in this year’s festival.

Kim Nguyen

REBELLE (War Witch) is another film by Quebec director, Kim Nguyen, one of 18 films competing for the main Berlin prize, the Golden Bear. Set amidst civil war in Africa, a young girl is forced from her home and recruited as a child soldier. “Told throughout from the perspective of an adolescent girl, the film – shot in authentic locations in Congo and cast mainly with non-professional actors – visualises the horrors of civil war and the suffering of children and civilians.”

KEYHOLE, a surreal work by Canadian director, Guy Maddin, is screening as part of the Berlinale Special part of the program, featuring new and extraordinary productions by great cinema personalities.  “KEYHOLE is an odyssey through a house full of memories and nightmares that is also a journey through the hidden depths of the human psyche. Director Guy Maddin has long been a regular guest of the Forum section of the Berlinale with films such as BRAND UPON THE BRAIN and MY WINNIPEG.”

Guy Maddin

Other Canadian entries include:

THE TINY VENTRILOQUIST is a suite of shorter works by Steve Reinke (with contributions from James Richards) (Canada).

ROAD MOVIE by directors Elle Flanders/Tamira Sawatzky (Canada).

349 (for sol LeWitt) directed by Chris Kennedy.

AMERICAN COLOUR directed by Joshua Bonnetta.

GREEN LASER directed by John Greyson.

BESTIARE directed by Denis Côté (Canada/France).

LEAVE IT ON THE FLOOR by director Sheldon Larry (Canada/USA).

THE MAN THAT GOT AWAY by director Trevor Anderson.

FRANCINE by Brian M. Cassidy, Melanie Shatzky (USA/Canada).

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