Digital Media Graphic ImageExploring Platform and Content with Sue Biely and Annelise Larson

Friday, March 9th, 2012 from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm in the Fasken Martineau Boardroom, 550 Burrard Street, Vancouver, BC. Registration is open. Click here for tickets.

Storytelling has never been more exciting or more demanding. Technology offers many new opportunities and challenges. The variety of content delivery options, platforms and devices can be intimidating and overwhelming.

"If a story is not about the hearer…Where do you start? How does the story dictate which platforms you should be using? What works for each platform and how can this affect and change your story? Who and where is your audience? What devices are they using and how? How do all of these elements intersect to create a viable project?

All of these questions and more will be explored during this one day digital media masterclass in platform and content.

The workshop will include hands-on experience with a ‘learn by doing and exploring’ approach. Play games, surf websites, try various apps. Get frustrated; be inspired; challenge your preconceptions of what the possibilities and limitations are for each platform. Then tap into the wisdom of the group to share your experiences and start to build a richer understanding of the relationship between platform and content.

Image of people in workshop

Mentors in digital storytelling and marketplace will share their experience and help provide an informed context for larger group discussions and applied exploration. Topics could include how to build a content universe from the initial idea; understanding who the target audience is and what this audience expects; and how to strengthen conceptual understanding for how content and technology meet.

This rapid experiential learning will expand your idea and understanding of digital storytelling. At the end of the day, the final synthesis and collective group wisdom will give all participants a deeper understanding of what is possible and how to better leverage each platform for the content you want to deliver and the story you want to tell.

Picture of Sue BielySue Biely, Nudge Consulting

15 years of experience in the independent media sector, Sue has been a funder, producer, broadcaster, innovator, new media entrepreneur, and teacher and has recently turned her energies to creating opportunities to gather creative minds to educate and innovate in the media-sphere. With an understanding of how media works in Canada, from the policy, funding and production angles, Sue has an understanding of the foundational context change is happening within. As a speaker, facilitator, curriculum designer and consultant, Sue has worked with community stakeholders all across Canada.

Annelise Larson, Veria Search Media Marketing

Annelise began her career as a film and television producer/director, but transitioned to the Internet in 1995. Considered an digital marketing pioneer, she has experience in all aspects of internet promotion with a focus on search and social media marketing. She has planned and implemented strategies for clients of all sizes, across countless industries in the US and Canada, and works regularly with many funders and companies in the Canadian film and television industry. She teaches, writes and speaks regularly on digital marketing, especially about how it can be of benefit to screen media.

WIFTV Members $145 + hst Regular Rate $195 + hst Tickets

Includes Masterclass, lunch, and snacks.

Generously sponsored by British Columbia Film + Media and Fasken Martineau

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