Festival Launch Evening Spawns Smiles and Generates Buzz

Thursday evening’s festival meet-and-greet event at the Charles Bar was by all accounts a success. Our corner of the Charles bar was filled with the smiling faces of festival organizers, volunteers, filmmakers, fans and friends who enjoyed the festive atmosphere and stimulating company.

Caroline and friendConnections were made and friendships forged as we all prepared for the festival season ahead. The buzz about the festival is definitely building. Organizers were thrilled to see the VWIFF Twitter feed streaming by mid-evening, just as promotional posters and flyers rolled off the presses, soon to be seen about town.

Don’t forget to capture a snap of yourself with a bus shelter poster or other promo material and post it to our Twitter feed to compete in the photo contest. As well, the Facebook essay contest and the Youtube video contest are still open to entries. Remember to follow the blog and tell your friends about it as we move closer to the festival dates with festival highlights, a focus on feature and short film entries and interviews with festival director Roslyn Muir, directors and others in the field.

Photo of festival volunteersPhoto of partygoersPhoto of friends

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