French Film Festival Runs Until 26 February

Catch BC GOLD Tonight 8:30 pm ( David Spaner’s new book: shoot it! + shorts films) at the French Film Festival

Presented by Visions Ouest Productions, Les 18e Rendez-vous du Cinema Quebecois et Francophone is running now until 26 February, 2012.

Screening at the Jules-Verne Auditorium, 545 Baillie in Vancouver (37th between Oak & Cambie, near Oakridge). For the full program, click here.

Les RENDEZ-VOUS DU CINEMA in association with the CELLULOID SOCIAL CLUB present BC GOLD. Hosted by Ken Hegan.

Tonight, Wednesday February 22, 2012, be sure to catch BC GOLD: A screening of some of the best BC short films from the past year, including:

A reading from Vancouver writer David Spaner’s new book. Shoot It! Hollywood Inc. and the Rising of Independent Film is a searing critique of the corporate studio system and a celebration of the independent filmmaking that’s emerging everywhere. David has worked as a movie critic, feature writer, reporter, and editor for numerous newspapers and magazines. He is also the author of Dreaming in the Rain: How Van- couver Became Hollywood North by Northwest.

Still image from SavageSAVAGE by Lisa Jackson – In the 1950s a woman sings a sweet melody in Cree while her young daughter is taken quietly away from her. When the girl arrives at her destination, the woman’s gentle voice soon becomes a howl of anger and pain. 2011 GENIE Award Best Live Action Short Drama

MONSTER by Deborah Burns – The monster is waiting. . .MONSTER is a fable set in a post apocalyptic time. Hannah (Jodelle Ferland) draws the winning lot to feed a hungry monster waiting in the forest. 3rd Annual Hot Shot Shorts Contest Winner.

THE PROVIDER by Brianne Nord-Stewart – In a small town in 40s America , the local doctor’s home should be the safest place to seek refuge. But is it? Bloodshots Canada Overall Best Film.

still image from She's A Soul ManSHE’S A SOUL MAN by Caitlin Byrnes, featuring Jim Byrnes – Lou Cameron, a 13-year-old girl, is the only Soul Man livin’ in Suburbia. With the help of her guardian angels of Soul, she learns that she should be herself whether she is in Soulsville or Pleasantville.

La carte de membre doit être présentée pour l’achat de billets et pour l’admission aux projections et événements. Les cartes et billets peuvent être achetés sur place, 30 minutes avant le début des projections et sur le site web. Nous allons afficher les changements de dernière minute sur

Les réservations peuvent être faites par téléphone ou par courriel, et les billets sont disponibles à l’avance, sans frais supplémentaires, sur le site http://www.rendez-

Membership is required for admission at the Festival. Membership cards and tick- ets are available 30 minutes prior to the screenings & available online. You can also make reservations by phone or email. Last minute changes will be posted online at

Preceded by Quebec Gold starting at 6:30pm Doors 6:00pm

Admission: 10$ / film Double bill (2 films in a row): 15$ passe simple: $75/double:100$ + carte carte de membre/ membership: $2 (Argent comptant/Cash only)

Note: Same price gets you into both screenings (Quebec Gold and BC Gold)

Reservations: 604-876-2294 /

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