Article on Gender Inequality by Melissa Silverstein

Melissa Silverstein again gives voice to gender inequity in the film industry.

In an article on IndieWire (click here) she says, “Because the world is paying attention to Hollywood in a bigger way this week there is an opportunity to raise awareness about gross inequities in the business. So we here at Women and Hollywood are taking this opportunity to say that THERE NEEDS TO BE MORE WOMEN CONSIDERED FOR BEST DIRECTOR.” She highlights the following stats on women directors:

  • In 2011, only 5% of the top grossing films in Hollywood were directed by Women.  The number has decreased since 1998.
  • In 84 years only 4 women — Lina Wertmuller, Jane Campion, Sofia Coppola and Kathryn Bigelow — have been nominated for best director.  One 1 has won.

Have a look at the short video showcasing films by women directors NOT nominated for an Academy Award this year.

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