Pitch Session Venue: Milano Espresso Lounge

Milano Espresso Lounge

Exterior Milano Espresso Lounge
Exterior Milano Espresso Lounge

I had an opportunity this week to check out the venue for the Festival Pitch Sessions scheduled for Friday, March 9th from 2 to 4pm. For details see this post. Milano Espresso Lounge, 36 Powell Street in Gastown, has generously offered their stylish space to the festival to host these pitch sessions. Sign up now to reserve your pitch sessions. WIFTV Members $10 + hst | Regular Rate $15 + hst.

As a fan of a traditional Roman espresso roast, I can report that the Americano and apple pastry I enjoyed while there were top notch.
VWIFF Pitch Sessions venue
VWIFF Pitch Sessions venue
Whether your taste runs to espresso, drip or French press, you will find a brew to suit you, along with a delicious assortment of pastries and snacks both decadent and healthful, or a to-order fresh charcuterie plate that will remind you of your last (or next) trip to the continent.

Go to the Milano website for a full description of the unique approach to roasting, blending and serving coffee that owner Brian Turko believes sets his coffee apart from, and above, the norm.

The following is excerpted from their website.

The Milano Difference

Milano Espresso Lounge

“The Milano taste was developed from a century of artisanship in the Italian coffee tradition. This distinguished taste comes from the skill of the torrefazzioni – a secret method roasting and blending, closely guarded, personally taught, and handed down generation to generation. Our lineage of Musetti, Curatolo, and now Turko brings the family owned and operated Casa Torrefazione (house roaster and blender) into the twenty-first century.

Coffee cup and Pitching bookThe miscela, or blend, is at the heart of our taste. While many attempt it, there are very few outside of Italy that can masterfully balance and harmonize 100% Arabica coffee into 9-10-11 (or even 12) bean blends. This is extremely rare in the coffee industry and we offer this to the coffee lover as an experience that sets Milano Coffee apart.”

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