In the Director’s Chair with Brianne Nord-Stewart

Gabrielle Rose at Mrs. Applebee in The Provider

Gabrielle Rose at Mrs. Applebee in The Provider

Brianne-Nord-Stewart-headshotBrianne Nord-Stewart is the co-writer/co-director with Andy Thompson of the short film THE PROVIDER, screening Friday, March 9th at 7pm as part of the Vancouver Women in Film Festival. She chats with Allison Evin. Here are some highlights:

AE: Can you tell us a bit about how you got started as a director?

BNS: I got started when I was a kid making home movies with my sister. And then I decided that I wanted to go to film school.

AE: You live in Vancouver … but you’re a world traveller. Is there a particular part of the world that has inspired you?

BNS: I’ve travelled in different ways. When I was in Australia, I was there to make a film, so it was a really unique experience in learning a new form of communication. I was travelling this past summer in Eastern Europe and one of the things I found so inspirational again was being put in a situation where I really know nothing about the place…everything’s new and you’re looking at everything from a really fresh perspective.

AE: You have a wide body of work; you wear many hats. What is the most exciting kind of project for you to work on and why?

BNS: Anything that’s new to me. Anything that presents a new challenge. Something that I’m not familiar with. And that’s definitely why I have branched out into so many different areas. Because I want to learn and collaborate with people in new ways.

AE: Your short film THE PROVIDER was shot and edited in 48 hours for The Bloodshots Film Festival. Now it’s premiering at the VWIFF. What was different about this film than the others that you have done?

BNS: For this film, in addition to the time restriction that we had, it was also the biggest crew and cast that I’ve worked with on any short film before. And as well, it was very much a collaborative process between me and Andy Thompson which had its benefits and its challenges. Ultimately we’re very proud of what we came together to work on.

AE: What’s the most exciting part of having a film in the Vancouver Women in Film Festival this year?

BNS: It’s really exciting to be part of the Vancouver Women in Film Festival this year. It’s my first time being part of the festival. I think celebrating those unique creative female voices is a really great thing to celebrate, to be with the peers around you, but also to be in such a nurturing environment, that really wants you to succeed, and wants you to do your best, and tell the best stories, and recognize you for it.

See the full interview on Youtube here.

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