VWIFF On The Air: Focus on the Horror Genre

‎Vancouver Women in Film Festival in the news!

This year’s Vancouver Women in Film Festival showcases a significant and curious collection of feature and short films in the Horror genre. Media attention seems to find this intriguing and interviewers capture some director insights into the unique perspective women filmmakers bring to horror films.

The collection of Short Film Screenings with Talkback, Embracing the Darkness, screens from 7:00 pm – 8:45 pm this Friday, March 9th, 2012 at the Vancouver International Film Centre, 1181 Seymour Street, Vancouver, BC. For Tickets go to the WIFTV website.

THE PROVIDER | 8:15 mins 2011, Canada, directed by Brianne Nord-Stewart In a small town in 1940’s America, the local doctor’s home would be the safest place to seek refuge. Or is it? In this alternate history short film, Mr. Connors discovers not only that the doctor is ‘out’, but that his wife is taking desperate measures to feed her family. See this post for an interview with director Brianne Nord Stewart.

Still image from The Red Hood filmTHE RED HOOD | 9:00 mins 2010, Canada, directed by Danishka Esterhazy Set in the Canadian prairies during the Great Depression, The Red Hood is a dark re-telling of the traditional fable Little Red Riding Hood. Celebrated for her visually stunning and character-driven films, writer/director Danishka Esterhazy has delighted audiences across Canada and around the world with her haunting stories. Danishka is a graduate of the National Screen Institute and the Canadian Film Centre. Her debut feature, Black Field, won the Best Feature Drama award at Vancouver’s Women in Film Festival and the Best Canadian Feature award at Toronto’s Female Eye Film Festival.

Still image from Ms ThingMS. THING | 7:00 mins 2010, Canada, directed by Karen X. Tulchinsky An emotionally volatile urban lesbian is looking for love in all the wrong places until she unexpectedly finds it in an unusual package.

Still image from Biatch!BIATCH! | 12:00 mins 2011, United Kingdom, directed by Deborah Haywood Beth and Chantel are best friends until Aroon comes on the scene.

DOLL PARTS | 10:00 mins 2011, Canada, directed by Karen Lam A serial killing driver’s bad day becomes much worse when he picks up the wrong girl.

still image from Face ItFACE IT | 10:00 mins 2011, USA, directed by Sharyn Paul Brusie Face It is a quirky dramedy about a woman who faces herself and who she has become. She takes us on an emotional journey, while moving through her fear and acceptance of growing older. This is a humorous story of reflection, discovery and revelation.

Still image from Anna May Got LostANNA-MAY GOT LOST | 10:58 mins 2011, Canada, directed by Katie Yu In this metaphorical tale of forgotten childhoods, a little girl named Anna-May encounters a strange woman claiming to be searching for her. Unsure of the woman’s motives but unable to recollect her past, Anna-May tries to escape but to no avail. Exhausted and defeated, Anna-May finally listens to the woman who reveals the girl’s redundant purpose in life and that her fate now rests in the hands of her creator.

The Crossing of The Living Room still imageTHE CROSSING OF THE LIVING ROOM | 18:34 mins (LA TRAVERSÉE DU SALON) 2011, Canada, directed by Geneviève Albert. After a stay in an alcohol treatment center, Celine tries to reinvent her life.

still image from The Provider by Moira SauerTHE PROVIDER | 6:00 mins 2011, Canada, directed by Moira Sauer Struggling through a long, dark Yukon winter with only her sled dogs for company, a lonely heroine hungry for companionship finds a unique way to fulfill her needs.

Checkout the March 5th interview with Desiree Lim (Director of The House), Roslyn Muir (Our lovely Festival Director), and Karen Lam (Director of Doll Parts) on Electric Playground: Here.


Still image from Doll Parts

Show synopsis: Jose catches up with John Carter director Andrew Stanton to get his perspective on the epic Martian adventure; Miri gets details on the latest World of Warcraft expansion, Mists of Pandaria; Victor has Mass Effect 3, the latest baseball games, and more console and PC games in the Sonar; Briana heads to the Vancouver Women in Film Festival to meet the ladies who excel in the horror genre; Scott finds out what the future holds for Jetpack Joyride and Fruit Ninja developer Halfbrick Studios; and finally, Shaun catches up with professional wrestler turned actress Trish Stratus to learn about her new movie, Bounty Hunters.

The Express did a little piece on our Film Festival! Here is an interview with Karen Lam the Director of ‘Doll Parts’. The interview starts at the 8 minute mark in the broadcast.

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