Funny Girl: Best of VIWIFF 2014’s Comedies

Who says women aren’t funny? This  year’s VIWIFF lineup has comedies from all over the world. If you’re looking for laughs, these films are your best bets to tickle your funny bone.

The Meeting
Karen Lam’s The Meeting is her second film showing at VIWIFF (her feature-length supernatural thriller, Evangeline, is opening the festival). This dark comedy focuses on a group of serial killers in the midst of, well, supporting one another at their weekly AA-esque support group. One can’t stop bragging about his finesse with weaponry, another is hung up on his creepy fetishes, while the rest argue about group dynamics. Will a surprise visit from a lost person looking for another meeting prove helpful in vanquishing their troubles, or tempt them into relapse?

Saturday, March 8th @ 7:00 pm

All he wants is a soda. In this comedy by Casey Murphy, a young boy constructs an elaborate scheme to quench his thirst before his mom comes to pick him up. A spoof on film noir, this funny short is a must-see.

Friday, March 7th @ 4:00 pm

The Weather Girl
Crazy 8s Filming, March 18, 2012 -  The Weather Girl
Wanting her glamorous life back, a former weather girl in a film by Carleen Kyle is now at home taking care of her ailing father. Bored to tears by her tedious routine, she starts seeing things–is the new weather girl mocking her live on the air?  Meanwhile, two Evangelists are out pounding the pavement looking for new converts. One is new to the routine, and can’t seem to keep up with the fervor of his colleague when they happen upon the Weather Girl’s house. She sees an opportunity, they see willing converts, and major hijinks ensue.

Saturday, March 8th @ 11:30 am 

All the way from Venezuela comes a dark comedy by Maria Ruiz where a bitter girlfriend is going to great lengths to get over her ex, which is hard to do when everything reminds her of him…

Saturday March 8th @ 3:30 pm

This German feature-length film by Frauke Finsterwalder, Finsterworld, is a dark comedy following the journeys of several different groups of people trying to find meaning in their national identity: a group of high school students going on a field trip to a concentration camp, an aesthetician working at a senior’s home, and a wayward cop amongst others. Finsterworld has some grave commentary to be sure, but in between there are cops being bribed with foot cream, a devil-may-care couple discussing their son whom neither of them particularly like, and one word: furries. What do grown adults dressed up as stuffed animals and partying all night mean to one’s national identity? Watch Finsterworld to find out.

Saturday March 8th @ 7:00 pm

Mimi & Me by Marly Reed
A grandma (“Mimi”) is enjoying a nice evening in drinking, smoking, and gambling online (all while dressed in heels and negligee we might add) when she is interrupted. Swearing like a sailor, she checks the door to find her painfully shy, junior high-aged granddaughter looking for advice on how to charm the boy of her dreams at her first party tonight. Whiskey flows as anything but wholesome fun ensues while Mimi gives her a pep talk before sending her drunkenly on her way (via bicycle) to the party to try out Mimi’s love advice…

Friday, March 7th @ 9:00 pm

5 WAYS 2 DIE by Daina Papadaki
5 Ways 2 Die Production Still (2) (1)
Makis is depressed and wants to end his life, but he keeps on fumbling his many attempts. An unlikely story to provoke chuckling, this beautifully shot dark comedy from Cyprus by Daina Papadaki will have you roaring with laughter right until the very end.

Friday, March 7th @ 4:00 pm 

Afterparty Still 3
In the first feature length film by Michelle Ouellet, a bunch of old friends from high school gather at a nice house to party after attending the wedding of a friend. Without spoiling too much–a sloppy new divorcee tries to get with a woman way out of his league, a young woman keeps pitching ridiculous-sounding films to a jaded film industry star, and be on the lookout for some hilarious slam poetry in this dramedy that was entirely improvised by the cast.

Saturday, March 8th @ 9:30 pm

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