Feel Good Films

Film festivals have a bit of a reputation for choosing depressing or overly-intellectual films. However excellent these films may be, sometimes you just want to head out for a night of some lighthearted entertainment. Here are the picks for VIWIFF’s best feel good films.

Newcomers Swim Every Friday

For most Vancouverites, the ocean is something to be celebrated and enjoyed–that’s why most of us live here, after all. For folks like Aisha, who are new to Canada, large bodies of water present a whole new level of unfamiliarity in strange surroundings. In this lovely short by Meghna Haldar, we watch a woman trying to face her fears by keeping her head above water.

Friday, March 7th @ 4:00

88 Miles to Moscow
Karen Glienke’s memorable short is a must-see: Nikki is 15 and has finally gotten a break from her overprotective mum–to go on a train trip with her ex-con dad. Circumstances seem less than ideal when she’s stuck doing homework and then accidentally steps off the train during a stop, missing the train when it takes off again! She finds help from a young Russian garbage man with excellent taste in music and a penchant for The Lord of The Rings.

Friday, March 7th @ 6:30

Two Penny Road Kill 
Lou is a fastidious old bachelor who cleans up road kill by day and prepares foodie-worthy vegetarian feats by night. This heartwarming short by Lisa Rose Snow is a take on the classic Cinderella story where pennies are shined, shoes are lost, and love is in the air.

Friday, March 7th @ 9:00 pm

In classic road trip movie fashion, our protagonist–the eponymous Noor sets off on a journey to find himself. But life has not been easy for him being a khusra, a Pakistani eunuch trained in dancing and performing. Noor is a true romantic- will a trip to a lake famous for its magical powers provide the solace he is searching for? Or will the breathtaking landscapes and characters he meets along the way be enough to heal his broken heart?

Friday, March 7th @ 6:30

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