Fun Fact Friday: Boneshaker


Boneshaker, a short by Frances Bodomo caught the eye of our Festival Committee for its stunning cinematography and unique story–there’s nothing else quite like this film in the festival. Quvenzhané Wallis (star of Beasts of the Southern Wild and the upcoming adaptation of Annie co-starring Jamie Foxx) adds star power to a superbly crafted story. Here are a few other interesting facts about this film: 

  • Protagonist and star Quvenzhané Wallis played freeze tag with Bodomo as part of her audition for the part!
  • In this film we see a family clearly wearied by a long journey–and they never stop moving throughout the whole film. Bodomo, “was inspired to make Boneshaker for a generation of kids that have nowhere to call home.”
  • The actor (Dr. Stella, God’s Warrior Princess) who plays the Pentecostal pastor in the film is a pastor in real life.
  • The physical setting of this film in the Louisiana delta is extremely significant to Bodomo, read more here.
  • Director and writer Frances Bodomo grew up on four continents, having lived in Norway, Hong Kong, Ghana, and California. She now works and lives in New York.
  • The, “homelessness, landlessness, and rootlessness that accompany immigration,” are all themes for this film.
  • The title of the film “Boneshaker” is named for the old, run-down “boneshaker” of a car that Bodomo was picked up in when she landed at the airport in New Orleans where she was doing the casting.

Boneshaker by Frances Bodomo shows Friday, March 7th at 4:00 pm.

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