Spotlight on Students: Political Science & International Relations

Our “Spotlight on Students” series focuses on movies that might appeal to students (of all ages, and who are currently attending college/university or not) of certain specialties. Whether you want to get extra credit on a paper by referring to one of the films below, or if you want to see the film and spread the word to your peers (sounding extra cultured and sophisticated, of course), you can’t go wrong with these picks.

Movies for Political Science & International Relations

How People Live by Lisa Jackson


This exceptionally well-crafted documentary by Lisa Jackson focuses on the forced relocation of the Gwa’sala-‘Nakwaxda’xw Nations. The documentary delves into the most recent 100 years of history of these Nations, to their forced relocation in 1964, to present. Personal interviews, recollections, and archival footage provide an important reminder that we are not in fact in a post-colonial world, and offer a fresh perspective on histories deadened by Canadian high school textbooks. A timely, must-see for those interested in the Idle No More movements, and those who need to be shaken from the idea that Canada is a highly peaceful and tolerant nation state.

Sunday, March 9th at 1:00

El Regreso by Patricia Ortega


Ortega’s debut feature-length film is a fictionalized account of true events that took place in 2004. This painfully recent history of the genocide of the Wuayuu community of Bahía Portete, located at the Colombian Guajira, a territory split between Colombia and Venezuela. The film is a bold contribution to the fight against racism while portraying little-known images of the Wayuu indigenous community, and is a sobering reminder of how such tragedies often escape mainstream presses in the West. Especially poignant is a story focusing on the atrocities committed against indigenous peoples that has been crafted by a woman, and focusing on a woman.

Saturday, March 8th at 3:30

Finsterworld by Frauke Finsterwalder


The shaping of a national identity and its effects on the individual is at the forefront of this feature-length dark comedy from Germany. Does patriotism and a sense of pride in one’s country actually matter? What are the ramifications for the individual if it does? This and many other such questions will be answered following the stories of a aesthetician at a retirement facility, a hermit in the woods, and a group of high school-aged students on a field trip to a concentration camp.

Saturday, March 8th at 7:00

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