Fun Facts: 5 Ways 2 Die

A dark comedy about a man fumbling his several suicide attempts? How can a festival show such a film about such a serious topic? For our Festival Committee, the question was more like how could they not show this witty, funny short from Cyprus by Daina Papadaki. As it turns out, things were just as amusing behind the camera–here are a few fun facts about this must-see short:Image

  • Director Papadaki found selecting the most appropriate coffin for a funeral scene to be one of the most morbid things she has done in her filmmaking career! The solemnity was all for naught when there was a mix-up in the order: when the coffin arrived, not only were parts of it missing, but it was an open casket coffin with glass! The film’s art director, Lisa Tsouloupa had to scramble to transform the goofy purchase into the casket you see in the film.

  • The car engineer hired for the film did not believe that the car was for filming purposes. The crew’s questions including, “how could somebody really use the car brake system with intention to cause an accident and get away with it,” proved so shocking to the engineer that he refused to show the crew the proper procedure and tools until the film’s Production Manager, Costas Pitsillides, personally took him aside to reassure him that nothing fishy or illegal was going to happen with the car!
  • Papadaki says the film is actually is a socio-political allegory about a country’s governmental system based on fake appearances (wearing masks). It was loosely inspired by the paradox legal system, the political and the social norms of Cyprus.  Papadaki notes, “Makis, our anti-hero,  is looking for a way to end his misery in a household based on lies and pretentious appearances. Corruption is inevitable when the rules and laws do nothing to prevent it. In such cases the lines distinguishing the sinner from the victim are blurred- if not existent.”
  • The film was shot over five days, and was so exhausting that by the end of it most of the cast and crew were barely keeping it together. The team dubbed the shoot, “5 Days, Crew Dies”. Lead actor Michalis Marinos was in good spirits though, keeping everyone amused and energetic by dancing, singing, and joking around.

Don’t miss 5 Ways 2 Die Friday, March 7th in the “Shorts that Shine” block 4-6pm.


Find tickets for the shorts session here.

#Daretotell us why you would come out to see this film to win one of our contest prizes.

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