Closing Night Ceremony & Awards

After four amazing days, the Closing Night Ceremony ended the festival on a high note with the presentation of the Legacy and Festival Awards and a closing reception to toast the success of all of VIWIFF’s filmmakers.

Legacy Awards

Legacy Award – 1st Place
Mimi and Me, Canada / BC
Directed by Marly Reed


Director of Mimi & Me, Marly Reed

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Portrayals of Violence Against Women in Television and Film

Whether its The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, or Girls, or Game of Thrones, it seems that every TV and movie focused on women contains a scene of violence against women. The reality of violence against women in Canada is this:

  • Women are 5 times more likely to be victims of sexual assault than men.
  • The majority of sexual assaults reported to police are by individuals between the ages 15-24. Continue reading

A Renaissance Revolution – VIWIFF Catalyst For Change Discussion

Late one night, with tummies full of Tojo’s, Rawiya and Sophia lay comatose in bed.

Suddenly, Rawiya awoke from her slumber in a fit, “I just had the most crazy-ass dream!” Rousing her partner, “I was kayaking off Jericho when a huge grey whale popped up and told me I was pregnant. It said the baby would either grow up to become a great filmmaker who inspires and entertains billions or live a lifetime of struggle just to have their voice heard.”

Rawiya’s eyes widened, “It was a sperm whale! Do you think…”  Continue reading