FROM OUR DARK SIDE contest seeks the best in Canadian female-driven Genre Film ideas

DarkSide-website_0000_headerMutants, fairies, aliens, werewolves, ghosts, psychopaths…oh my! Women in Film and Television Vancouver (WIFTV), with the support of Super Channel, Telefilm Canada and Creative B.C., presents a national English-language contest seeking the best in Canadian female-driven Genre Film ideas.

Female writers are invited to submit their 3-5 page outlines by January 15, 2015 for a chance to win a mentorship package designed to help them get their projects to the screen.

Genre films can include thrillers, science fiction, fantasy, horror – or an imaginative combination of these. But they are about more than just thrills and chills, Genre Films allow for the exploration of a wide range of creative themes from politics to our darkest fears. Blood is optional!

In recent years, women have begun to take ownership of the form, making serious inroads into Genre Film internationally, with original and empowered leads that defy old stereotypes of women as hyper-sexualized, helpless victims.

Through this contest, WIFTV aims to increase the participation of women in visionary leadership roles both on and off screen in film and to make some kick-ass films. It is the first, or ‘catalyst’ stage of WIFTV’s goal to establish a National Genre Lab, that will ultimately support teams of female genre filmmakers through advanced development, financing and into production.

For the contest, ten projects will be shortlisted and juried by top genre creators and the winning five projects will receive: 

  • a $500 cash prize
  • project feedback and evaluation by an experienced genre film mentor
  • consultation with a genre film writer/story editor
  • consultation with a genre visual effects producer
  • consultation with a digital marketing strategy expert
  • consultation with a genre marketing artist to draft preliminary ideas for a film poster and marketing materials
  •  a subsidy for travel costs to attend the WIFTV Film Festival in Vancouver in March 2015 where winners will meet with potential funders and creative partners.

DarkSide-website_0001_pandoras-boxProjects will also be announced and promoted on the WIFTV website, genre film sites and social media to build interest and contacts for potential industry collaborators.

To enter, all you need is imagination and a unique story or original twist, brilliantly executed (pun intended). Only female writers are eligible to enter.

Submission information and further contest details can be found on the Women in Film and Television Vancouver website:

The Competition is sponsored by Super Channel Broadcasting, Telefilm Canada and Creative B.C. 

Women in Film and Television Vancouver is a professional organization that represents over 300 women and men working in the BC film and television industry. WIFTV is also affiliated with over 30 sister organizations across Canada and around the world, including Los Angeles.

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