Meet From Our Dark Side Genre Contest Mentor, Producer Rupert Harvey

FreddyRupert Harvey is a producer and writer, known for Pump Up the Volume, A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child, The Blob and Critters.

For more info on Rupert please check his IMDB listing.

What is genre?
An overused word.

Why is genre important?
It’s incredibly important in the film world, because it’s history. So many great films have been made which are now classified as genre. It’s the best way to tell a story and reach an audience.

What’s in this for women?
The same thing as for men. As in a professional opportunity.

What makes exciting sci-fi?
Sci-fi is my particular favourite. The answer is tension. In sci-fi you’re completely removed from the world as we know it. The boundaries are wider and so the audience doesn’t feel constrained by “reality”. It puts a safety frame around the audience so that they’re more engaged on an intellectual level.

How did you get started in genre?
I first started to notice a difference between everyday films and genre films when I worked for the Rank Organization in Britain. This was my first job after high school and before college. In British theatres at that time everything was very mainstream, very Hollywood. And then Polanski’s Knife in the Water appeared. It was completely out of character for Rank to show a film like this, sandwiched in between the “Goldfingers” and the Doris Day movies. Suddenly it was a different animal and it completely woke me up. And later I worked for Roger Corman in Los Angeles whose almost entire output would now be categorized as ‘genre’ – of one type or another. Then they were all just lumped together as ‘B movies’.

Why do you stay with genre?
I would like to say the best scripts that come my way are generally characterized as genre but that’s not entirely true anymore. It’s purely personal taste.

Why are you involved with this contest?
I think the underlying issue of drawing attention to and getting more women into professional capacities in film is very important, not just for women but for everyone.

Who are some of the filmmakers or artists who inspire you?
Polanski, Hitchcock, Cameron, Besson, Frears, Greengrass, Lean, Iñárritu. Morricone. Robert Bolt. Muddy Waters.
To name a few.

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