Martini Madness 2015 – Party Wrap-Up

Talen Agent Esther Cohen at Martini Madness 2015

Talent Agent Esther Cohen at Martini Madness 2015

Well before the summer air turns crisp, filmmakers of all fields begin to plan for festival season. It’s a time of year when our consuming careers demand that we emerge out of the vortex of production and gather for an efficient dose of networking and reconnecting with friends and colleagues. Having old friends intermingled with new talent we have yet to meet provides us with a ripe and fertile circumstance; within which we get to expand our universes.

Our hometown film festival, the Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF) has become a celebration of West Coast talent within a vibrant international community. Women in Film and Television Vancouver continues to be involved with that in as many ways as we can imagine.

Sandra Ignagni

Sandra Ignagni

This year, Sandra Ignagni was awarded our Short Film Mentorship with VIFF with her film You Are Already in the Band! You Just don’t Know it Yet. She received a festival and industry conference pass, as well as networking and roundtable opportunities.

The industry forum launched with WIFTV’s famous Martini Madness event in the theme of the black and white film era. Always an excuse to get glamorous, this year’s red carpet didn’t disappoint. Adornments, accessories, motifs!

Board MM

Centre: Women in Film president Sarah Kalil- ambassador for the Martini Madness NC17 rating!

WIFTV thanks its 300+ guests!


Nicole Oliver and her many voices (My Little Pony – Friendship is Magic) returned for another year as our delightful Master of Ceremonies, directing our attention to the many announcements throughout the night.

Host Nicole Oliver (right) with The Westender's Sabrina Furminger

Host Nicole Oliver (right) with The Westender’s Sabrina Furminger

Christina Sicoli and husband

Christina Sicoli and husband “Convos with My 2-year-old” David Milchard

Christina Sicoli was awarded our Whistler Film Festival Mentorship for her project Small Cop and will receive an industry pass to the festival and a pre-festival consultation with an experienced film professional.

WIFTV thanks its sponsors and partners!


WIFTV thanks its fantastic volunteers!

Ed Brando (left) with wife Nikki B. (centre)

Ed Brando (left) with wife Nikki B. (centre)


Ed Brando announced the opening of our Production Manager Mentorship now accepting applications until November 23rd.

Competition for Best Dressed was fierce, but the audience overwhelmingly supported Allyson Grant not only for her Charlie Chaplin attire, but I’m sure also for the fact that she never once broke character.

Briana Rayner (left) and Allyson Grant

Briana Rayner (left) and Allyson Grant

Big ticket items on the silent auction table once again went for a song. The lucky winners took home a $10,000 camera package from Clairmont Camera, a day with a drone from Revered Cinema aka RVRD, a $5,000 grip and lighting package from William F White, a Sharpe Sound mix, and dozens of other incredible contributions from our incredible community supporters.

This year’s Vancouver International Film Festival program included a strong showing of films made by Canadian women, eligible for our Artistic Merit Award (AMA). The jury included former WIFTV board members Julia Frittaion, Laura Adkin and Rachelle Chartrand. A tough decision as always, they declared, “I wish we had categories.” The AMA was awarded to Mina Shum for Ninth Floor.

Mina Shum (left)

Mina Shum (left)

“For the masterful weaving of archival footage, captivating testimonies and metaphorical imagery that illuminates a dark part of our country’s history. The film compels the audience to question their own perception of racism in Canada.”

With Vancouver abuzz with record numbers of productions in town, it’s wonderful to have an opportunity to solicit trade secrets from our colleagues: “Where on earth did you find a crew!”

As one festival ends, we prepare for the next. See you in Whistler!

By Arwen Hunter
Photos: WendyD

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