Meet Astron-6 member, filmmaker and #FromOurDarkSide mentor Adam Brooks

Adam BrooksAdam Brooks began his career as a figurative oil painter, exhibiting at The Winnipeg Art Gallery before founding the filmmaking collective Astron-6 in 2007 with four other filmmakers, Jeremy Gillespie, Matthew Kennedy, Conor Sweeney and Steven Kostanski. Astron-6 produced a collection of short films before breaking into feature films with the sci-fi/horror-comedy Manborg in 2011, followed by the grindhouse/revenge satire Father’s Day. His most recent film The Editor, an absurdist take on the giallo genre, premiered at The Toronto International Film Festival before touring the world and winning a handful of awards along the way.

But what is Astron-6?

Adam Brooks, Conor Sweeney and Matthew Kennedy in a press pic on the Astron-6 website.

Adam Brooks, Conor Sweeney and Matthew Kennedy in a press pic on the Astron-6 website.

Astron-6 is the banner/brand we go by and it is no coincidence that “Astron” sounds a lot like “Vestron.” The name is meant to evoke a certain nostalgia for obscure VHS movies of the ’80s. We met at a local film festival and decided to make movies together. We all take turns writing, directing and acting. And most importantly: our movies cost nearly nothing to make. We are financed by pure, naive passion and ignorance alone,” the ensemble says on their website.

Adam joins the #FromOurDarkSide mentor pool as a graphic design expert. We caught him for a brief convo influenced by moving stress.

Why is genre important (to you)?
It’s not very important to me.

How did you get started in genre?
I co-founded Astron-6 eight years go with four other genre-savvy filmmakers intent on deconstructing genre conventions for fun and profit. We made a bunch of no-budget short films before graduating to features and learning there is no such thing as profit in this business unless it’s some Wizard of Oz-like bestowment, in which case I’m rich with film festival lanyards.

Why are you involved with this contest?
I was asked to be involved and it sounded like a cool idea.

Who are some of the filmmakers or artists who inspire you?
Daniel Clowes, David Chase, Dan Bern, Franz Kline, Michael Haneke, Quentin Tarantino, Marcel Dzama, Ryan Heshka.

Thanks for the conversation and good luck with your move!

Q&A by Katja De Bock

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