Meet VFX Producer, #FromOurDarkSide mentor Charlene Eberle

Charlene Eberle. Photo courtesy of Image Engine

Charlene Eberle. Photo courtesy of Image Engine

WIFTV is delighted that Charlene Eberle is joining #FromOurDarkSide as a VFX mentor. Charlene is the Visual Effects Executive Producer at Image Engine, a Vancouver visual effects and feature animation studio.

Charlene joined Image Engine’s senior team in mid 2014, with almost two decades’ experience in visual effects production on feature films, television and commercials projects across North America under her belt. She’s passionate about the visual effects industry, having held wide-ranging roles from supervision to production.

After graduating from Ryerson University with a degree in Cinematography and Film/Video production, Charlene broke into the visual effects industry as a freelancer in Vancouver. In her early roles, she discovered her passion and aptitude for creative decision-making in the fast-paced on set environment.

Charlene took on her first role as onset visual effects producer for Dragonball. Since then she has gone on to produce the visual effects for many films including The Twilight Saga: New Moon; Final Destination 5; Man of Steel; A Good Day to Die Hard; Into The Storm; and Wolf of Wall Street, among others.

At Image Engine , she helmed the studio’s visual effects production team on Point Break for Alcon Entertainment and Warner Bros.

Watch some of the amazing VFX of the film in this trailer:

We spoke to her about her experience with genre:

How did you get started in genre?
I first started in radio and moved out to Vancouver to work on the Island. I soon left radio and started as a location PA on the Pilot of Stargate SGI. I was fascinated when the VFX crew would come to set with all their equipment and asked if a PA position would be available in their department. After a few months, a position opened and the rest is history.

Why are you involved with this contest?
I would love to help women in film. I think there is not enough support for females in this industry of film. Being able to give women some insight to how VFX can help with the movie in ways they may not know is valuable. Knowledge in all aspect of film is huge.

Who are some of the filmmakers or artists who inspire you?
Well it’s two parts:
1) filmmakers in VFX which would be Dennis Muren, Mike Fink [aka Michael L. Fink], Bill Westenhofer, John “D.J.” Des Jardin
2) Filmmakers – Roman Polanski, Steve Spielberg, Zack Snyder, Christopher Nolan, Chris Columbus.

Thank you for the conversation!

Q&A by Katja De Bock

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