Vancouver International Women in Film Screenplay Competition announces Official Selections


Being a writer can be a solitary experience. Developing story takes time, patience, and a focus that demands persistence, and a dedication to craft. This year’s official selection list has those qualities in spades.

With submissions received from Canada, the United States, Australia and Hong Kong, the competition was exceptional. Getting on this list is a major accomplishment. Our jury for this year’s event are all experienced in script breakdowns and understand the art of the craft extremely well. They read blind, with only Competition Coordinator and Creator Michelle Muldoon knowing who wrote what (and Michelle did not have a vote in the results). 

viwiff 2016 laurel-screenplay competition (1)The screenplays were judged on composition, scene development, dialogue, imagery, the characters, originality, development of the first act, and the synopsis submitted (do the first act and the synopsis marry well together). At the end of all of this, the most important question asked was, is this a script you want to read more of? The answer for our official selections was a resounding, YES!

Without much ado, we introduce our electrifying eleven; eleven screenwriters to know and remember, with eleven projects worth keeping an eye out for.

The Execution written by Sharon Cramer
The Coffee Shop
written by Erin Curtin
Resurrecting Jane Doe
written by Carla Custance
We Happy Losers
written by Liz Eccher
Lady Blades
written by Valorie Hoye
Blood Carvings
written by Lori Huck
Turkey Dump
written by Ronalda Jones
Night of the Pendulum
written by Elza Kephart
written by Erin McMullan
Feel Good
written by Jenna Neepin
Season’s Greetings
written by Kathleen Twomey Wahed

Look for these women at #VIWIFF2016 and find out more about what it takes to reach this level of expertise.

For a full schedule of #VIWIFF2016, click here.

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