Women in Wine and Women in Film

Wine blogger Donita Dyer previews our festival film “Crushed”. Has there ever been a better title for a wine thriller?
Get a taste of the film here:

Wine and Travel Concierge

Premiering at The 2016 Vancouver International Women in Film Festival

crushed image 3

Megan Riakos’ First Feature Pairs Wine and Death on an Australian Vineyard


Bravo to Australian filmmaker Megan Riakos for writing and directing her first feature-length film. I would say this sits cosily in the suspense drama category, but offers enough mystery that it provides the element of surprise along with a good story to keep you engaged.

Set in the Mudgee region of New South Wales in Australia, this story takes place at the Burrundulla Winery, which has been run by the Rose family for 127 years. Daughter Ellia returns home after the death of her father, having left abruptly 2 years earlier after the sudden death of her brother. The return home opens up family wounds which Ellia, her sister Harriet, brother Zac and Mother Sophie have not dealt with. Because Ellia has been estranged, she did…

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