Vampire Superstition in Eastern Europe – The Cursed Days at #VIWIFF2016

The Cursed Days_Nataša NinkovićDid you know that the word “vampir” (vampire) originated in Serbia? The vampire superstition started in the 18th century when, as legend has it, a villager was accused of killing nine people after his death. Continue reading

Genius In The Wild – Nell Shipman’s Story at #VIWIFF2016

Nell Shipman dog lake shot95 years ago, she drove dogsleds, pioneered the nude scene and insisted in the human treatment of her animals’ co-stars. She lost everything but heart. And then she vanished . . .  Continue reading

Snapshot of Syria: The Girl, Whose Shadow Reflects the Moon at #VIWIFF2016

TheGirlWhoseShadowReflectsTheMoon_Image01I’ve always loved film as a platform for creativity, awareness and innovation. As someone who wants to pursue a career in this industry I find myself constantly trying to find time to read reviews, research technical tricks and of course watch movies. The Girl, Whose Shadow Reflects the Moon has a narrator who also shares my passion for filmmaking and thus I immediately connected to her story.

This short film begins with a shot of the sun and the filmmaker, Walaa Al Alawi, telling us about the movie she’s writing. Walaa is 16, living in Dara’a, Syria. Her voice depicts a person that is both humble and self-assured. I don’t want to give away too much of the content, as it is not a very long film. But essentially this movie displays a young, creative woman who wants to share her story but is living in very unfortunate circumstances, being moved from one war stricken country to the next.  Continue reading

Life on Hold: Renee Beaulieu’s Adrien (Le Garagiste) at #VIWIFF2016

Pierre-Yves Cardinal et Michel Dumont - photo L+®a Parent-PothierAdrien (Le Garagiste) is a compelling story about a 50-year-old garage owner in the small town of Trois-Pistoles, Quebec, coping with kidney failure. With a supportive, loving wife by his side, he endures 12 hours of dialysis a week, hoping for the donated kidney that will give him back the quality of life he has lost, yet so richly deserves.

Renee Beaulieu’s beautiful storytelling shares with the viewer a glimpse into a life on hold. It relates the painful daily monotony of the extraordinary measures western medicine provides to keep a broken body alive. But it also asks: to what end?  Continue reading

Vancouver International Women in Film Screenplay Competition announces Official Selections


Being a writer can be a solitary experience. Developing story takes time, patience, and a focus that demands persistence, and a dedication to craft. This year’s official selection list has those qualities in spades.

With submissions received from Canada, the United States, Australia and Hong Kong, the competition was exceptional. Getting on this list is a major accomplishment. Our jury for this year’s event are all experienced in script breakdowns and understand the art of the craft extremely well. They read blind, with only Competition Coordinator and Creator Michelle Muldoon knowing who wrote what (and Michelle did not have a vote in the results).  Continue reading