VIWIFF 2017 Festival Highlight: Unveiled: The Kohistan Video Scandal

By Emily Bignell


Trigger Warning: Violence, Sexism

Vancouver-based director and producer Brikshay Ahmed originally from Afghanistan started in journalism and then moved on to bring light to similar topics instead through film and is also a member of WIFTV.

The worlds of investigative journalism and documentary filmmaking collide in her latest project, of blurred public and private spheres in Unveiled.

When four girls go missing after a video of them clapping and singing in public “illegally” goes viral in their small, remote village in the Kohistan region of Northern Pakistan, their families and community suspects the tribal council is behind the disappearance.

Cell-phone and professionally shot footage combines to tell the story of a fight for justice – fuelled by a dedicated community and media outrage, but ultimately silenced by the slow pace of progress.

Today, Pakistan more than 1,000 women and girls murdered in honor killings every year. Though many areas are making progress towards recognition of women’s rights, smaller villages continue to ingrain the patriarchy into the core of the culture. (

Join us at the festival for a FREE screening of Unveiled featuring a Q&A with the director. (Link)

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