A Look Back at the WIFTV Actor Career Mentorship Program With Michele Povill

With applications currently open for the WIFTV Actor Career Mentorship Program, I contacted actor and former WIFTV Actor Career Mentorship Program Mentee, Michele Povill, to discuss her experience in the program.

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Michele Povil

Michele shared three aspects of the program that stood out to her – the first one being the application process itself. She explained that filling out the application was a great exercise because “it really made me clarify my goals and identify what I wanted from the program.” At the time, Michele was looking to get back into acting after a 35-year break; and expressed, in her application, that she wanted to be paired with an older mentor. Considering that one of Michele’s stated goals was to get an agent, the jury determined that, although Johannah Newmarch was a younger mentor, she would be an excellent match for Michele. Having taken a 10-year hiatus from acting herself, Johanna had the knowledge and experience to guide Michele towards achieving her goals. “Johanna was terrific as a mentor,” raved Michele, “it was great that she was aware of what it was like getting back into the business.”

The second feature of the program that Michele found beneficial was the required monthly volunteer commitment. “Volunteering at Quest Outreach Society was something I might not have done otherwise, and I am very appreciative to the program for this opportunity. It gave the mentees an opportunity to get to know each other while giving back to the community. It felt like we were having a positive impact. “

Lastly, Michele landed an agent and succeeded in meeting her goal. She credited the program director, Krista Magnusson, for developing a program that focuses on meeting goals and individual growth. “Throughout the program, you are tasked with looking at where you are, where you want to be, and whether you are on track to getting there,” recounted Michele, “If the program was going to be effective, you, as a mentee had perform these tasks and answer these questions for yourself.” This was a valuable lesson that continues to guide her as she pursues her career.

Find out more about the WIFTV Actor Career Mentorship Program here.


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