VIWIFF Screenplay Competition Announces 2018 Official Selections

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2018 marks the fourth year for the VIWIFF International Screenplay Competition. This year we welcomed feature screenplay submissions from female writers across Canada and the U.S.A., Japan, Australia, Brazil, United Arab Emirates, Tajikistan, Hong Kong, France, Austria and the U.K. Our jury consists of professional-level story analysts and experienced screenwriters who judge the entries on a spectrum of criteria: structure, character development, dialogue, set-up and pay-off, scene composition, visual imagery, formatting and originality. Probably the most important aspect of a writer’s success in the competition is her ability to hook the reader in the first 5-10 pages. In the initial round of judging, advancement is based only on the script’s first act. Just like real-life in the industry, if a reader is hooked early on, she’s going to want to read the remainder of the script. So those first 10 pages are key.

This year we had several instances where jury members commented that they had seen the title submitted in prior years… And happily, those scripts had improved substantially! Writers who had previously not made the cut, showed their tenacity, improved their skills and their scripts – and we are happy to include them among the list of 2018 Official Selections:

Marquette Jones – After the Jump

Jocelyn Osier – If I Could I Would

Ellie Foumbi – Zenith

Jes Sugrue – A Homemade Christmas

Shannon Walsh – Unidentified Minor

Bonnie Maffei – Becoming Picasso

Jill Taylor – I Need A Hero

Sophie Naima Caird – When He Gets to Her

Sheri Davenport – Sins of the Father

Lina Roessler – The Rescuer


Top 10 Finalists (clockwise) Marquette Jones, Jocelyn Osier, Ellie Foumbi, Jes Sugrue, Shannon Walsh, Lina Roessler, Sheri Davenport, Sophie Naima Caird, Jill Taylor, & Bonnie Maffei.

Congratulations to the top ten Official Selections for the 2018 VIWIFF International Screenplay Competition, who will receive a festival pass and an opportunity to pitch their scripts to industry professionals at the festival. The top three writers will receive additional prizes and the first place winner will be presented the Ken Hayward Award for Best Screenplay at the VIWIFF Awards Ceremony on Sunday, March 11, 2018.

Many thanks to our volunteer readers, jurors and VIWIFF Screenplay Competition Coordinator, Joan Macbeth.

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