VIWIFF 2018: A Trio of Girlhood Truth

What a joy it is to watch movies by Canadian directors! I don’t know about you, but I’ll watch home-grown content anytime, and this year’s Vancouver International Women in Film Festival is full of exactly that. As a favour to all you festival-goers, here are a few top Canadian picks. Consider them highly recommended!

Ingrid Veninger’s latest feature follows the success of her 2015 film, He Hated Pidgeons, and sticks with her talent for nuanced story-telling and affectionate character study. After moving from Toronto to the small, northern Ontario town where her father lives, thirteen-year-old Bea befriends rambunctious Kate, who quickly becomes the centre of Bea’s adolescent world. As both girls face the adversity of growing up, their friendship remains a source of courage and comfort against the trouble of adulthood. Strong performances and well-woven drama drive the film, as Porcupine Lake invents a story of girlhood in cabin country with sensitivity, choosing to face the scary-strangeness of young friendships and family dynamics head-on.

Porcupine Lake - Header

Preceding Porcupine Lake, VIWIFF has programmed Alberta filmmaker Sandi Barrett’s Chokecherry, a short film that is sure to stir up feelings of nostalgia and adolescent heartache. Over the course of one summer, a young girl in the midst of childhood freedom balances on the precipice of young adulthood, and she must choose to either remain with her sisters in their world of imagination or abandon herself to the inevitability of growing up.

Threads - Heaeder

Or, on a more uplifting note, be sure to check out Threads, the latest from Oscar-winner Torill Kove. This charmingly animated short has city-folk soaring above high-rise and farmland alike, pulled by strings hanging from the sky. At the end of each string are a child and an everlasting connection. Motherhood and the passage of childhood are lovingly explored in Kove’s work.

These three Canadian films feature the intricate worlds of girls as they face the truths of adulthood, and dive deep into complicated feelings of relationship—Porcupine Lake deepest of all. Add them to your list of screenings to catch, since you won’t want to miss out!

-Sarah Bakke

Chokecherry & Porcupine Lake are screening at 6:00 PM on Saturday, March 10th.

Threads screens during the Family and Friendship shorts programs at 4:15PM on Sunday, March 11th.

The Vancouver International Women in Film Festival (#VIWIFF) runs from March 6th – 11th, 2018 at the Vancity Theatres in Vancouver. Click here for the full festival schedule.

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Sarah Bakke currently interns at WIFTV, where she gets to write all kinds of film-related material––a cinephile’s dream! When she’s not scribbling film notes or watching movies, Sarah can be found at The Cinematheque as a weekend theatre manager and online at SAD Magazine, in her role as web editor.

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