Movies to Watch with That Special Someone

Some say that rom-coms and dramas focused on love stories are the main reason we  go to the movies in the first place. If you’re looking for movies to watch on Date Night with your significant other, here are the best picks for a little romance.

As a side note, our judges and Festival Committee are especially pleased that this year’s line-up features several films which aren’t your “classic” boy-meets-girl stories–four of the seven films below have LGBTQ2S presences.

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Fun Facts: Afterparty


Afterparty, a feature-length Canadian dramedy is definitely one of the most unique films we will be showing at this year’s festival. Here are some interesting facts about the film, which will be showing on Saturday, March 8th.

  • If you’re interested in finding the script for this film, good luck–every single line said in the film was improvised by the cast!
  • The film passes the Bechdel Test
  • The film features LGBTQ2S characters
  • The film was shot in Canada over six weeks
  • Afterparty is the result of a very unique effort on behalf of the cast and crew. Made by Sociable Films, a boutique film production company based in Vancouver, their mission is to make movies “sociably”. In their own words,

“Making movies sociably” is an artist driven philosophy, where artists’ resources and talents are pooled and shared in a familial spirit, resulting in films that are both artistically fulfilling and fiscally responsible. Sociable Films believes that by working together, artists will have the ability to say “yes” more often to the projects, stories and ideas that inspire them, by building a community of people interested in helping each other succeed.”

-Sociable Films

  • Lastly, stay tuned for some hilarious slam poetry about candy…you’ve been warned.
  • Read an in-depth article about Afterparty on pages 18 ff in Reel West Magazine.

Ticket information here.

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Funny Girl: Best of VIWIFF 2014’s Comedies

Who says women aren’t funny? This  year’s VIWIFF lineup has comedies from all over the world. If you’re looking for laughs, these films are your best bets to tickle your funny bone.

The Meeting
Karen Lam’s The Meeting is her second film showing at VIWIFF (her feature-length supernatural thriller, Evangeline, is opening the festival). This dark comedy focuses on a group of serial killers in the midst of, well, supporting one another at their weekly AA-esque support group. One can’t stop bragging about his finesse with weaponry, another is hung up on his creepy fetishes, while the rest argue about group dynamics. Will a surprise visit from a lost person looking for another meeting prove helpful in vanquishing their troubles, or tempt them into relapse?

Saturday, March 8th @ 7:00 pm

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