Old Classics & New Favorites: Festival Films You’ll Love Based On Your Current Favorites

Choosing which film to go to see at a film festival is tough–there’s only one screening, and tickets for films are sold in a block of time so you want to know the screening you pick is the best one.  To help you decide which film to see, here are some comparisons to some beloved films and shows already out there so you can see which must-see film could be added to your list of favorites.

If you like Orange is the New Black you’ll love Pretty Bitch


Pretty Bitch by Rebecca Coley is the first film that will be shown during our festival. It is a hard film, but so worth the watch: the main character is a young woman in prison whose sense of divine justice makes Pennsatucky’s religious fervor pale in comparison…

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Get involved with the festival as a volunteer!

Smiling Volunteers from our 2011 Festival

It’s not too late to volunteer for the 2012 Vancouver Women in Film Festival!

Join the great team of volunteers who make our film festival a success each year! Network, meet new friends, connect and party!

Tasks begin now and continue through to the festival. (March 8-11, 2012). Time commitment varies by task.

Your reward: One free film screening ticket for every shift worked.

To apply for any of these volunteer positions, please check our website at : http://www.womeninfilm.ca/Volunteers.html