Fun Fact Friday: Boneshaker


Boneshaker, a short by Frances Bodomo caught the eye of our Festival Committee for its stunning cinematography and unique story–there’s nothing else quite like this film in the festival. Quvenzhané Wallis (star of Beasts of the Southern Wild and the upcoming adaptation of Annie co-starring Jamie Foxx) adds star power to a superbly crafted story. Here are a few other interesting facts about this film: 

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The Bechdel & Mako Mori Test

While women might not be faring well behind cameras, on camera it pays to have the presence of women. How can one measure the presence of women on screen? What makes a film feminist? Is a token appearance or a one-off line by a female character enough?

Enter the Bechdel Test and the Mako Mori Test. Both are tests/tools that can be used to indicate the presence of women in the film you are watching. Neither test necessarily indicates that the film is feminist, they merely indicate the role of women in the particular story you are watching, and might suggest whether or not the female characters are well rounded, engaging, dynamic, or just tired old stereotypes.

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Feel Good Films

Film festivals have a bit of a reputation for choosing depressing or overly-intellectual films. However excellent these films may be, sometimes you just want to head out for a night of some lighthearted entertainment. Here are the picks for VIWIFF’s best feel good films.

Newcomers Swim Every Friday

For most Vancouverites, the ocean is something to be celebrated and enjoyed–that’s why most of us live here, after all. For folks like Aisha, who are new to Canada, large bodies of water present a whole new level of unfamiliarity in strange surroundings. In this lovely short by Meghna Haldar, we watch a woman trying to face her fears by keeping her head above water.

Friday, March 7th @ 4:00

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Women Duking it Out in a Gender Biased World or Artists Struggling to Survive?

Katherine Monk Moderates Director’s Panel Discussion 

Katherine MonkSunday evening, just one feature film short of the conclusion of Vancouver Women in Film Festival 2012, film critic Katherine Monk moderated a stimulating panel discussion consisting of three directors featured during this year’s event: Desiree Lim, director of THE HOUSE, Tracy D. Smith, director of EVERYTHING AND EVERYWHERE, and Jill Sharpe, director of BONE, WIND, FIRE, which had screened earlier in the day.

Jill Sharpe

Katherine triggered the discussion by asking the panelists about the role of ego in the women’s craft. Jill Sharpe replied by saying that “getting past the fear means forgetting what they will think of me, it’s about the scene, the art, the director telling the story.” Tracy D Smith replied that “ego [had] to be set aside in order to get past the fear.” They were both talking about the fear of judgement. Fear of criticism either from the outside world or from the artist’s internal critic.

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Win Two Free Passes to the Festival!

VWIFF Pre-Festival Contests

Katherine Hepburn

Outspoken, independent, glamourous, funny. No one could take me outside of my limited childhood experience and demonstrate what a woman could be like Katherine Hepburn.

Okay, I’m not eligible to compete, but I thought I’d give it a try. It’s not easy to express an idea in just 25 words! Let’s see if you can do better.

Our FaceBook Essay Contest:

In 25 words, tell us ‘The importance of women in film’ or ‘Which woman in film inspires you’. Post it to our wall for your chance to win a pair of 2012 Vancouver Women in  Film Festival passes!

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We have a photo contest running on Twitter. If you post a picture with you & VWIFF advertising, you could win a pair of passes!

Our YouTube Video Contest:

Or if you lean toward acting or moving images, try your hand at a short video.

We are having a YouTube contest, too! Act out a scene from a film or television show featuring a female lead!  Win two passes to the festival.

Don’t forget to tell your friends and fans about your entries, and get them to retweet and like them, because that’s how the winners will be chosen!