#FromOurDarkSide’s Bend-a-Trope Challenge

This is my advice, two easy steps: Before you cast, go through names and make them female to really see which characters need to be men. Then the crowd scenes, make those half female. Just by doing those two things, you have more nonstereotypical characters.” – Geena Davis on how to address gender inequality in Hollywood

We love this quote from Geena Davis and her ongoing pursuit of supporting more gender balance in the media industry. Re-examining all characters and stereotypes from a gender perspective is a great place to begin. Continue reading

Equality On Screen in Canada: How Are We Doing?

 “You can’t be what you can’t see.”

Focus on Women 2013 report prepared by Dr. Amanda Coles

This year’s Focus on Women 2013 report prepared by Dr. Amanda Coles for Canadian Unions for Equality on Screen (CUES) had sober findings examining gender inequality in the Canadian independent screen-based production industry.

The quote above was emphasized in the report as stunningly few women in this Canadian industry advance up into key creative and decision making positions at the same rates at which men do. With few role models and seemingly fewer opportunities for women as the statistics in the report suggest, it is easy to see how prospective female employees cannot envision a rewarding future in this industry.The report noted,

“A gender balance of men and women within departments is more prevalent in entry level positions, such as Production Assistants and Camera Trainees. Yet as with other occupations and industries, the gender split within departments sharply favours men who progress up decision making levels, and income brackets, at much higher rates then women.This is particularly evident in some of the key creative positions that define Canadian content.” 

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