Vancouver stunt performer Maja Aro nominated for 2014 Taurus World Stunt Award

Aro1 cropped***Update! Maja Aro sent a note: She did not win the award, but had a great time at the show in L.A. as a nominee. Good for you, Maja!***

When Maja Aro comes over to meet me at the Dominion building the athletic young woman is what I had expected from a stunt performer. However, I am impressed when I see two recent scars in her face and a splinted hand. When I ask her about it, Aro smiles and shrugs. Injuries come with her job and she doesn’t make a big fuss about it.

She obtained the cuts at the set of the sci-fi show The Tomorrow People, where she flew through a tempered glass door and got such a big gap on her face it needed stitches. However, Aro says she didn’t deal with it until the take was over and continuity pictures were shot.

“I have a very high pain threshold, luckily, and I don’t bruise easily,” she laughs, Continue reading