Actor Sonja Bennett creates her own opportunities in the #mustseeBC comedy Preggoland

Sonja Bennett 176-ret

Sonja Bennett always knew she wanted to be an actress. After a successful career start, she started to notice a trend in the industry. One that was not so welcoming for seasoned female actors.

Usually the natural order of things is that the longer you do something, and the more seasoned you are, the better you get and the more money you get and the more opportunities you get. It drove Bennett, a Women in Film member, crazy that as an actor it just does not work that way and, unfortunately, there is a window of how long you can actually work. And for most females it is usually in their 20s and 30s. But as she puts it, “the solve is to diversify and make your own opportunities.”  Continue reading

The girl who doesn’t just take ‘no’ for an answer: Panta Mosleh stars in PTSD short ‘Instance’

Panta Mosleh by BrandyLand Photography

Panta Mosleh by BrandyLand Photography

***Update: Instance screens at #VIWIFF2015 on March 5, at 6:30 PM. Purchase Tickets here.***
It’s the first time I’ve met Panta, yet when she bounds into the coffee shop we are meeting at, she greets me with a big warm hug like we’ve been friends for years. Hugs are also doled out to all the coffee shop staff.

Panta isn’t your average young actress, she’s bubbly and quippy yes, but she’s also very smart and determined. Panta also doesn’t listen to the word “NO”. Continue reading