Screenwriter Rachelle Chartrand says volunteering for Women in Film changed her life

Rachelle Chartrand. Photo by WendyD

Rachelle Chartrand. Photo by WendyD

Women in Film and Television members may remember former WIFTV President Rachelle Chartrand for her New Year’s letter where she put forth a challenge calling for more courage:

“If you are a female filmmaker, no matter what, tell a story this year. Make it inspiring or provocative or both. Tell it as a film. Tell it as a TV series. Tell it as a web series. I don’t care. Just tell it. No excuses.

If you are a man, tell a story with inspiring or provocative female characters! Tell it for your daughter. Tell it for your sister. Tell it for your grandmother. I don’t care. Just tell it. No excuses.”

What sounds as a determined shout-out by a confident industry professional did not come by chance. In fact, Rachelle’s confidence grew while volunteering for Women in Film over a number of years. Continue reading

A Renaissance Revolution – VIWIFF Catalyst For Change Discussion

Late one night, with tummies full of Tojo’s, Rawiya and Sophia lay comatose in bed.

Suddenly, Rawiya awoke from her slumber in a fit, “I just had the most crazy-ass dream!” Rousing her partner, “I was kayaking off Jericho when a huge grey whale popped up and told me I was pregnant. It said the baby would either grow up to become a great filmmaker who inspires and entertains billions or live a lifetime of struggle just to have their voice heard.”

Rawiya’s eyes widened, “It was a sperm whale! Do you think…”  Continue reading