Snapshot of a Stolen Childhood — The Chicken by Una Gunjak at #VIWIFF2016

By Mersiha Musovic

THE-CHICKEN_02_Selma(IMAN-ALIBALIC)The Chicken, by Writer/Director Una Gunjak, is a uniquely intense, yet very moving film, which takes the viewers back in time to 1993, to a volatile setting they might be unfamiliar with: the Bosnian War.  Continue reading

Patricia Gruben talks Women & Science Fiction

For me, the definition of science fiction is “What if…?” This open question inspires filmmakers to stretch the boundaries of the genre in every direction – style, theme, and narrative structure – and get away with it. It allows us to ask questions like “What if people changed gender halfway through their lives?” “What if we could build androids with empathy?” “What if we could change the past and thus change the future?” and ultimately “Who are we?” “Who could we be?” “How do we know what we know?” Continue reading

Etheria Film Night opens call for submissions 2016

Etheria 2016 Submissions

LA’s Etheria Film Night has opened its call for submissions for 2016:

Etheria Film Night screens an annual showcase of the best new horror, sci-fi, fantasy, action, and thriller films directed by women for an audience including producers, managers, show runners, distributors, and genre fans. The festival’s goal is to prove to the entertainment industry that there are women filmmakers making fantastic genre films and to connect these filmmakers to industry professionals.

Etheria Film Night 2016 will take place at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood, California in June 2016. The event is hosted by American Cinematheque, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting all forms of films through screenings at the historic Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood and Aero Theatre in Santa Monica. Check out the Event Details and the Official 2015 Selections.

For questions, please email or

Find more about Etheria Film Night co-founder Heidi Honeycutt in our blog!